Will the SIM Card be compatible with my device?

Our SIM Cards work in any unlocked device* – iPhone/iPad; Android; Windows; tablets or MiFis (*excluding Google Pixel 7 and newer).  Your device must also support the 4G Band 1 (2100MHz) frequency.
*We can’t guarantee that our SIM Cards will be reliable in Google Pixel 7 and newer. For these phones, we recommend one of our Japan eSIMs.

What is a Fair Usage Policy?

A fair usage policy is a policy put in place by a network provider to limit the amount of data one user can download in a given time frame.

The fair usage policy prevents excessive usage from users overloading the network and slowing it down for others.

Do you offer a money- back guarantee?

Yes! Find out about our money back guarantee here.

Why do you ask for my arrival date in Japan?

This is because Japanese SIM cards have very short expiration dates! By providing us with your arrival date in Japan, we guarantee that your SIM will be valid for your trip.

I don’t know my date of arrival, what do I do?

If you don’t yet know your dates of travel, please email us for help.

How long will it take for my SIM Card to arrive?

For orders shipped to Japan, the USA, or the UK, standard delivery takes between 2 and 5 business days.

Shipments to other countries usually take between 8 and 15 business days.

Expedited delivery is only available for shipments to the UK or Japan – these take 2 to 3 business days.

You don’t offer expedited delivery for my delivery country, can I get my order any faster?

Sorry, we don’t offer expedited shipping. However, if we are unable to get your order to you in time, you could always collect your order from the airport (see below).

How do I collect my order from the airport?

It is easy to collect your order from the airport. Click here for full instructions.

Do you have any stores in Japan?

No, we don’t have any stores – our SIM cards are only available online.

I haven’t received a shipping confirmation e-mail, why not?

You may have not received a shipping confirmation e-mail for a couple of reasons. This could be that the email has gone into your spam folder. Or, if your arrival date in Japan is more than a few weeks away we may be holding on to your order to ship closer to the time of your trip.

Why have I received a different SIM Card to the one I ordered?

From time to time, due to reasons out of our control, we may send you a different product to the one you originally ordered. If you do receive a different product, there’s no need to worry – we guarantee that you will always receive an equivalent or upgraded product at no extra cost to you.

My SIM Card indicates it is valid for a certain amount of days. When does the countdown begin?

The countdown begins on the date of first use. This is when you insert the SIM Card into your device and it connects to the local network.

I really need a phone number in Japan, do you offer voice SIM Cards as well as data only?

We only offer data SIM cards here at SIM Card Geek. However, we are powered by Mobal Communications who have the perfect voice SIM Card for Japan with a Japanese phone number. Check it out on their website here.

Do I have to return the SIM Card after my trip to Japan?

No, there is no need to return the SIM to us. It is yours to keep.