Japan eSIM
50GB Data
31 Days
JPY ¥4,900

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¥4,900 inc. tax

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You get 50GB of 4G LTE Data to use in Japan for up to 31 days
Easy setup – get connected to the internet within minutes of ordering
Works on Japan’s Docomo network giving you great nationwide coverage
Works in unlocked eSIM compatible devices

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A Prepaid eSIM that gives you 50GB of 4G LTE data to use throughout Japan for up to 31 days. It works on Japan’s Docomo network giving you great nationwide coverage. So, you can easily navigate Japan with maps, transport information, translation apps, travel tips – and all-important social media – so you can keep the folks back at home up to date with just how amazing Japan is!


You’ll get 50GB of data to use in Japan over 31 days at 4G LTE Data speeds
The eSIM is data-only (no Voice or SMS)
Works on the Docomo network giving you great coverage throughout Japan
Easy setup and activation – we send an activation link to you instantly
Your device must be unlocked (to use with any carrier) and support eSIMs. View our list of eSIM compatible devices.


You can be confident that you will get great network coverage with our Japan eSIM which covers over 99% of Japan’s population with Docomo – one of Japan’s top network providers.

Data Limit

If you use up all of the 50GB of data, your eSIM will continue to work at a reduced speed of 200 kbps until the 31 day duration is complete.

Activation & Set Up

The eSIM is super easy to activate and set up, we’ll send an activation link and instructions to your email address immediately after your purchase. Simply click the link with your cellphone and you’ll be connected to the internet in Japan within minutes.


Pay by Debit or Credit Card securely through PayPal.

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Can I make phone calls or send texts?
Our eSIM is data-only, so doesn’t have a phone number. You’ll need to use a messaging app like Whatsapp or Messenger to make calls or send messages – that’s the best way anyway, because it’s free!

Can I tether my phone with another device?
Yes, our eSIM supports tethering. There may be some extra settings to add to your device, see the support documentation that’s included with your order.

4 reviews for Japan eSIM
50GB Data
31 Days
JPY ¥4,900

  1. Jeff

    Just arrived in Japan and activated two esims via activation and then scanning QR codes. All done within a few mins a d working fine – so much easier than waiting in line and buying physical sims. This is the future!

  2. Ramona

    Very satisfied! I am using it for over 2 weeks and the speed is very good. Used it in Tokyo area, Hakodate, Kawaguchi and on the ways between these places.

  3. Andrew

    I’ve bought both esim and physical sim cards from Simcard geek. Both work great. For phones that support esim, that’s the way to go! You can be on the network in about 5-10 minutes, provided you have a wifi connection to download the esim. Good instructions and support.

  4. Ebert

    Really great. No issues with service or setting up. A much cheaper option than other more popular esim companies. I was in Japan for 3 weeks and ended up using 45GB.

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