Day: August 22, 2018

5 Japan Laws A Tourist Should Know

For a lot of people, visiting Japan is a dream that may happen only once in their lifetime. After months, or even years, of saving for their most-awaited trip to this beautiful country, it only makes sense to want to ensure that everything goes well during the entire vacation. In addition to booking plane tickets […]

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Going to Japan for the first time? Here’s some advice!

Best Times to Visit Spring and autumn are hands-down the best times of year to visit Japan. March is still quite chilly but is not a heavy travel time, and cherry blossoms start blooming at the end throughout most of April, depending on the area. They bloom earliest in the southern regions and last in […]

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What is the difference between a Pasmo and Suica Card?

Prepaid IC cards are very useful for getting around Japan. In Tokyo, you can get either a Pasmo or a Suica card to make your commutes easier and more convenient. You can use them not only when taking the subway trains, but also when riding the buses, purchasing drinks and food items from vending machines, […]

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