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How to get a SIM Card for Japan

How To Get A SIM Card From Narita Airport

One of the world’s top tourist destinations, Japan is home to lots of beautiful sites and attractions that will make you keep coming back for more. From its breathtaking and serene countryside to its vibrant and busy metropolises, it is impossible to be bored and not have something fun and enjoyable to see and do. […]

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Cost Effective Japan Rail Passes for Tourists

Japan has a world-class train network that allows traveling around the country fast, easy, and convenient for tourists. From the local trains and rapid trains to the limited express trains and the Shinkansen, these modes of public transportation can significantly cut your travel hours to give you more time to tour your favorite sites and […]

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JR East Tohoku Area Pass Sample Itinerary

Japan’s Tohoku region is home to some of the country’s most incredible nature retreats. It occupies the northeastern portion of the island of Honshu, and consists of many mountains, lakes, rivers, national parks, and historic landmarks. From Tokyo, it is very easily accessible via the Shinkansen, and makes for an excellent nature-filled detour. If want […]

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Where can you buy the JR Hokkaido Rail Pass?

The island of Hokkaido has an abundance of untouched and lush nature that travelers wishing to get away from the busy and hectic urban areas should put at the top of their must-visit destinations in Japan. To get around the Hokkaido region conveniently and free of stress the next time you visit Japan, look into […]

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Travel Conveniently and Cost-Efficiently with a JR Tokyo Wide Pass

Surrounding Tokyo are many cities and towns that make for great day trips. If you want to go some place that has a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s biggest and busiest cities, you can take a pleasant train ride to Kanto region’s countryside and […]

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Kyushu Rail Pass: Get Unlimited Rides on JR Trains in the Kyushu Region

Japan’s third largest island, Kyushu is blessed with amazing landscapes and natural scenery. It is home to the country’s most active volcano, Mt. Aso; top notch natural hot spring resorts, most notably Beppu; and islands with lush and untouched forests, such as Yakushima. It also is where you can find some of Japan’s most important […]

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What is the difference between a Pasmo and Suica Card?

Prepaid IC cards are very useful for getting around Japan. In Tokyo, you can get either a Pasmo or a Suica card to make your commutes easier and more convenient. You can use them not only when taking the subway trains, but also when riding the buses, purchasing drinks and food items from vending machines, […]

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Flying to Japan; Here’s 8 of Japans Most Popular Airports

Japan is home to several dozens of airports that handle numerous domestic and international flights on a daily basis. If you are planning to visit soon, you are likely to be flying in to the country via one of the following airports: Haneda Airport Handling tens of millions passengers every year, Haneda Airport, also called […]

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Introducing QL Liner – Baggage Transport and Delivery Service

Moving around Japan can be difficult if you have a lot of luggage. On the Shinkansen and trains, there is oftentimes not enough space to accommodate everyone’s belongings. Many bus services even impose a one- or two-pieces-of-luggage/passenger limit. Yes, there are coin lockers at train stations and tourist attractions where you can store your backpacks […]

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