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10 Reasons Why You Wished You’d Purchased A Japan SIM Card For Your Trip

Japan is one of the top tourist destinations in the world for several reasons. One, it is blessed with beautiful and breathtaking natural scenery. Two, it is home to many ancient historical and cultural spots that tell of the long and vibrant history of the country. Three, it has a wide selection of delicious dishes […]

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Your Guide To The Best Japan SIM Cards in 2020

If you are traveling to Japan soon and want to make your trip a fun and memorable one,  one of the things that you must have is your own Japan SIM card. Whether you are a first-time visitor to Japan or have been to the country multiple times before, a Japan SIM card can offer […]

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Top 4 Unusual Things To Do In Japan

There are several reasons why Japan is one of the most popular destinations on the planet. A lot of people go there to visit ancient castles, shrines, temples, and gardens, many visit to try a wide selection of delicious dishes, and others fly there to see stunning natural landscapes and be close to nature. There […]

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6 Things You Should Never Say To A Japanese Person

Japan is one of the world’s top tourist destinations because it is a beautiful country that offers plenty of fun and interesting places to go to and things to do. It is home to several UNESCO World Heritage temples and shrines, ancient castles and gardens, preserved Edo period districts, and stunning natural scenery. It is […]

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Japan: All Questions Answered

How many days should I spend in Japan? Spending one week in Japan — 3 days in Tokyo, 3 in Kyoto, and 1 in Osaka — is common for first-time visitors who want to cover the highlights. How much is a trip to Japan for 2 weeks? On average, a foreign tourist spends about 15,000 […]

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How To Get A SIM Card From Haneda Airport

Every year, Japan welcomes several millions of tourists from around the world who want to see some of the most important ancient sites and attractions on the planet, and experience the rich history and unique culture it has to offer. If you are flying to Japan soon and want a trip that is fun, enjoyable, […]

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How to get a SIM Card for Japan

Japan SIM Card vs Pocket WiFi

Are you worried about how you can access the internet during your trip to Japan? Have you looked up the different internet options available for tourists but cannot decide which one to go with? If your Japan trip is coming up and you want to make sure that you stay connected to the internet throughout […]

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What To Do In An Emergency In Japan

Is Japan one of your must-see destinations? Have you been looking up various Japanese tourist sites and attractions and creating different itineraries to prepare for when that day finally comes? Is your excitement through the roof as the time to get your dream of exploring Japan is getting nearer? Do you want everything to go […]

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Top Tips For Planning A Trip To Japan

Every year, several millions of people from all over the world go to Japan to experience the unique culture and traditions, ancient world heritage sites and attractions, and mouthwatering dishes it has to offer. If you are thinking of spending your next vacation in Japan, you should do some research beforehand to make your trip […]

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13 Essential Items to Pack for Japan

Is Japan one of the places that you have been dreaming to visit for so long? Have you finally decided to make your dream a reality and booked tickets, hotels, and others? How do you make sure that your Japan trip is stress-free? Before you fly to Japan, it is important that you have everything […]

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