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Japan SIM Cards For Tourists And Short Term Visitors

You can never go wrong with picking Japan as your next travel destination. This country has a long list of ancient, historic, and cultural attractions, and modern points of interest that you will not see anywhere else on the planet. In addition to that, it has a wide selection of delicious dishes that are to […]

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Best SIM Cards for Japan Travel 2018

It can be difficult and very time consuming researching which is the best SIM Card for your trip to Japan. We hope that by creating our comparison table below that you will find the perfect Japan SIM card for your needs. Remember, all our SIM Cards are delivered Worldwide absolutely free of charge. Or, if […]

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Going to Japan for the first time? Here’s some advice!

Best Times to Visit Spring and autumn are hands-down the best times of year to visit Japan. March is still quite chilly but is not a heavy travel time, and cherry blossoms start blooming at the end throughout most of April, depending on the area. They bloom earliest in the southern regions and last in […]

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What is the difference between a Pasmo and Suica Card?

Prepaid IC cards are very useful for getting around Japan. In Tokyo, you can get either a Pasmo or a Suica card to make your commutes easier and more convenient. You can use them not only when taking the subway trains, but also when riding the buses, purchasing drinks and food items from vending machines, […]

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Best APP for Travel in Japan 2018

If you’re planning a trip to Japan and you don’t plan to stand in the same spot for your entire trip you need to read this article. Japan’s transportation system is complex & lacking in street signs but with the right app(s) and your sturdy smartphone it’s a challenge you will happily accept! Contenders for […]

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Healthcare In Japan: What If I Get Sick?

Getting sick while travelling is one of those inconveniences that frequently happen to many tourists. Even the slightest hint of a cold or a sore throat can make sightseeing and touring less fun. What should you do if you need to see a doctor while you are in this part of the world, miles and […]

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Introducing QL Liner – Baggage Transport and Delivery Service

Moving around Japan can be difficult if you have a lot of luggage. On the Shinkansen and trains, there is oftentimes not enough space to accommodate everyone’s belongings. Many bus services even impose a one- or two-pieces-of-luggage/passenger limit. Yes, there are coin lockers at train stations and tourist attractions where you can store your backpacks […]

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Common Things to Expect When You Set Foot on the Land of the Rising Sun

Are you leaving for your first ever Japan trip soon? Does it make you anxious and nervous, despite your months and months of research and preparation? Rich with spectacular natural attractions, ancient and historic landmarks, top notch food, and unique and vibrant culture and traditions, Japan is a popular destination among globetrotters, both experienced and […]

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A traditional Japanese inn or ryokan

How to Prepare for your First Trip to Japan

For many people, Japan is a destination that is at the top of their travel bucket lists. This should not come as a surprise, as the country boasts of some of the world’s best natural landscapes and scenery, delicious cuisines, amazing ancient landmarks and structures, and fascinating culture and traditions. If you dream of visiting […]

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11 Things Every Traveller Must Know Before Going To Japan

Japan offers some of the best and most memorable historical and cultural experiences for tourists from different parts of the globe. It is home to many ancient shrines, temples, and castles; scenic mountains, valleys, and other landscapes; and mouthwatering dishes that will make you keep coming back for more. If visiting Japan is in your […]

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