How To Get A Japan SIM Card At A Japanese Airport

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Japan has so many beautiful places that are totally worth visiting. From its busy urban areas to quiet rural towns, you will never run out of interesting sites to see and exciting activities to do. And, in order to get to as many destinations as you wish stress-free, having a Japan SIM card that gives you fast and reliable internet wherever you are in the country is a big plus.

Where can you buy a Japan SIM Card?

There are different ways to purchase a Japan SIM card.

  1. Order from an online SIM card vendor and have the package delivered to your home address.
  2. Once you arrive in Japan, buy one at the airport or an electronics store, like Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera.
  3. Place an order online and have it delivered to a Japanese airport.

In this post, we will discuss the steps in purchasing a Japan SIM card online before your trip and getting it delivered to a Japanese airport for pickup upon your arrival.

How do you order a Japan SIM card online before your trip?

SIM Card Geek offers a number of SIM card plans for tourists in Japan. Wherever you are in the world, you can place an order for any of their Japan SIM cards through their website, and have it delivered to an airport in Japan. You can do this several weeks or even a few days before your trip, so that your SIM card will already be waiting for you at a post office within your chosen airport when you land in Japan.

Below are the steps on how to order a Japan SIM card from SIM Card Geek:

  1. Go to the SIM Card Geek website.
  2. Browse through their SIM Card plans, and select the one that suits your needs.
  3. Click “Add To Cart”, and then “Proceed to Checkout”.
  4. Fill out the billing form. Type in your name, address, contact information, etc.
  5. Because you want your order to be shipped to a Japan airport, check the box that says “Ship to a different address”. The page should expand and show a new set of fields for shipping information.
  6. Input your name again, and change the country to “Japan”. Type in the name, address, and zip code of your chosen post office within a Japan airport. Refer to the table below for the different Japan airport post office names, addresses, zip codes, and other information.
  7. Provide your arrival date in Japan, so that SIM Card Geek can ship your order to your chosen airport in time.
  8. Select your preferred payment method to complete the purchase.

That’s it! Your Japan SIM Card should be available for pickup once you arrive in Japan!

Why should you ship your SIM Card to a Japan airport for pickup?

There are a number of reasons why choosing to ship your Japan SIM card to a Japan airport is a good idea.

  1. If you order your SIM card in advance online and have it delivered to your home, there is a risk of it getting lost in transit or not arriving in time.
  2. If you receive your SIM card before you leave for Japan, you might misplace or lose it somewhere under the piles and piles of folders and papers on your desk, or forget to put it in your luggage for the trip.
  3. If you make a last-minute decision to get a SIM card for your trip to Japan, you might not have enough time to receive the package at your home address before your scheduled date of departure.
  4. With a SIM card already waiting for your in Japan, there is one less thing to worry about as you pack your clothes, gadgets, and other essentials.

What are the different SIM card plans offered by SIM Card Geek?

SIM Card Geek’s range of SIM cards for tourists in Japan offers different types of plans for different kinds of travelers.

Product Voice Enabled Data Included Duration Price Estimate in USD Coverage Free Shipping Free Pick-Up
Unlimited 31 Days JPY ¥7,490 USD $49 Japan Learn More
Unlimited 16 Days JPY ¥5,990 USD $40 Japan Learn More
Unlimited 8 Days JPY ¥3,990 USD $26 Japan Learn More
Unlimited From 30 Days From JPY ¥7,500 USD $50 Japan Learn More
Unlimited 21 Days JPY ¥6,980 USD $46 Japan Learn More
Unlimited 12 Days JPY ¥4,980 USD $33 Japan Learn More
Unlimited 5 Days JPY ¥3,480 USD $23 Japan Learn More
3GB Up to 14 days JPY ¥4,480 USD $30 Japan Learn More
7GB Up to 30 days JPY ¥4,980 USD $33 Japan Learn More
8GB 8 Days JPY ¥3,480 USD $23 Japan Learn More
16GB 16 Days JPY ¥5,480 USD $36 Japan Learn More
31GB 31 Days JPY ¥6,980 USD $46 Japan Learn More

For more information on each product, visit SIM Card Geek’s product page.

What benefits can you enjoy with a Japan SIM card?

Exploring Japan can be overwhelming even to experienced travelers. In addition to the language barrier, navigating the streets and roads can be quite confusing, and the local culture and norms are just so different from where you are from. But, with a Japan SIM card, you can ease all of these inhibitions a little bit, as it allows you to enjoy 24/7 internet access to be able to utilize a wide range of apps that are valuable for getting around.

If you buy a Japan SIM Card from SIM Card Geek, you are guaranteed superfast internet to be able to do the following anytime, anywhere in Japan:

  1. Use Google Maps and others for directions to your hotel, a restaurant, or any tourist attraction you want to visit.
  2. Check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, e-mail, and others to get updates on what’s the latest on your favorite celebrities, family, and friends.
  3. Watch Youtube videos.
  4. Skype, Facetime, and video chat anyone back home.
  5. Upload photos and videos to your social media accounts to keep your followers up-to-date on your escapades.
  6. Stream podcasts and music playlists.
  7. Use Google Translate and other Japanese translation apps to decipher restaurant menus, train station signages, and other Japanese texts you come across.
  8. Look up opening hours, ticket prices, and other information of sites and attractions.
  9. Find the nearest sushi restaurant, ATM, post office, convenience stores, or other establishments to your hotel.

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